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  • Biggera Waters State School Student Leaders

    This morning I had the pleasure of presenting badges to Biggera Waters State School’s 2017 Student Leaders. I’m sure those elected will be a positive influence on their school and peers, and deliver great things for Biggera Waters in 2017!

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    Merry Christmas!

    As Christmas rapidly approaches, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a Safe and Happy 2017.

    This year has been one of highs and lows for all, but Christmas is an opportunity to come together with family and friends and celebrate the most important of things: each other. We all have our own family traditions, and as families grow and expand new traditions join with old ones.

    I love Christmas: spending time with my family, sharing gifts with children and a bountiful home cooked meal (though this year I’m in charge of the Turkey so potentially will be less bountiful than years gone by) with everyone together.

    Australian Christmases are so often marked by the sounds of laughter as families debate whether or not that really was LBW in the annual beach cricket classic before settling down to watch our boys at the MCG. But I’m also conscious not everyone is as blessed as many of us, so please take a moment to think about those less fortunate than us or who are struggling this Christmas. Whatever your background, faith or creed, I hope you take the opportunity to relax, refresh and enjoy time with family and friends as 2016 draws to a close and 2017 breaks a new dawn.

    If travelling this holiday season, please stay safe on our roads! Also, my office will be closed from lunchtime Wednesday the 21st until Monday January 9.

    I look forward to keeping in touch in 2017.


  • Update from the Queensland Parliament | 2 September 2016

  • VLAD Update

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    LNP Container Deposit Scheme

    We believe everyone has a part to play in finding ways to clean, repair and restore our local environment. Currently Queensland has the worst litter in Australia – 41 per cent higher than the national average.

    That’s why the State Opposition has announced our plan to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme to clean up Queensland and better protect our environment.

    This initiative will see Queensland consumers, businesses and charities refunded 10 cents for aluminium, glass and plastic drink containers returned for recycling. This will not only reduce litter and clean up our environment but also has the potential to create hundreds of jobs in Queensland’s recycling sector.

    Our team is committed to grassroots environmental initiatives and this plan will be a major win for Queensland community groups who will have access to $25 million in deposits, providing a valuable source of income to help fund their activities.

    If you would like more information on our plan, click the link below.

    Click here for more information on Our Plan

    This commitment to cleaning up Queensland will help protect our unique environment, not just for the health of our plants and wildlife and the enjoyment of the growing number of tourists to our great state, but for all of us.


    Do you support Our Plan? Add Your Name Here.

  • Update from the Queensland Parliament | 19 August 2016

  • blankets

    Donate your old blankets!

    I popped down to Runaway Bay Shopping Village earlier to support the Runaway Bay Lions Club’s annual Blankets for Kids appeal. The blankets will be used by Rosies – Friends on the Street: Gold Coast Branch and the The Salvation Army Australia to support homeless and at risk youth on the GC. Thanks also to Pure Zone at Harbour Town for giving me a discount when they discovered what I was buying all these blankets for!

    If you’d like to support this worthy cause there’ll be a big box near the information desk at the Shopping Village until June 9.

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    Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Legislation Amendment Bill

    I took to the floor of the House last night to oppose the Government’s Bill and I did so for a number of reasons. I appreciate that not everyone will agree with my decision and how I cast my vote but I wanted to take the opportunity to explain my reservations about the government’s proposal.

    We have an obligation to get this right for all of Queensland. I don’t believe that draconian, nanny state laws at the panacea to the complex issues. I accept there are some in our community who have problem with violence. I accept there is a problem with alcohol consumption for some people in our community and I’m also very concerned about the use of illicit drugs and the impact this has on entertainment precincts across Queensland – I’m particularly disappointed the government has done nothing to consider how we tackle the scourge of drugs particularly in our entertainment precincts.

    All 89 MPs from across Queensland are committed to safer communities and safer streets we just have different opinions about how we get there.

    A significant concern I have is displacement of violence. Our entertainment precincts are best placed to manage the potential fallout from excessive alcohol consumption, illicit drug use and violence. Hardworking Queensland Police Service Officers, amazing Queensland Ambulance Service Officers, properly trained security guards and wonderful Chaplaincy volunteers serve our entertainment precincts across the state. There was significant evidence provided to the Parliamentary Committee that indicated that the imposition of a ban on shots, the one-way door and the lockout would merely serve to redirect excessive drinking to the suburbs. I’m sure all would agree, the last thing we need are more out of control parties in our suburbs. The lockout and mandatory closing time also raise questions about public transport measures and how people get home – in regional centres that have entertainment precincts they simply don’t have the public transport options or number of active taxi licenses we do on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane.

    I’m concerned nothing in the government’s legislation tackles pre-loading. Griffith University research done on the Gold Coast shows the vast majority of partygoers are entering entertainment precincts already intoxicated. This is why an education regime in our high schools is so critically important. I am also concerned about the inconsistencies in the legislation – I simply do not understand the rationale that excludes suburban taverns and the casinos. At 1:01am on a Sunday morning in Broadbeach you would be refused entry but not at Coolangatta or Varsity Lakes. Nowhere in its regime is the government talking about culture change.

    The government relies on the measures in Newcastle as proof their measures will work. In Wollongong, a city without lockouts and in the same period, there was a decrease in assaults of 35% compared to the 25% seen in Newcastle; at the same time the reduction in Campbelltown was more than 40%.

    When we were in government the LNP introduced a suite of evidence-based reforms that included a new offence with respect to striking, harsher penalties for anti-social behaviour, mandatory ID scanning, more services and support within entertainment precincts and a real focus on an education package.

    The government’s legislation is a quick fix; band aid solution that I genuinely do not believe will make our entertainment precincts safer. As Members of Parliament we have an obligation to get this right for all Queenslanders so that everyone can have a safe night out and a good night out.

  • TIP

    Work at Tipplers Passage

    On the 29th of January, the Gold Coast Waterways will start works on Tipplers Passage. These works are estimated to be completed around May 2016.

    For more information on the work, please click here to read the fact sheet.

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