• Budget delivers a Strong Plan for a Brighter Future for Queensland and Broadwater

    Verity Barton MP, State Member for Broadwater, said the 2014-15 State Budget delivered today is a fiscally responsible Budget that continues to deliver the Government’s Strong Plan for a Brighter Future.

    “This Budget sees measured increases in education, health and community services spending without introducing or raising any new taxes or cutting services. We are delivering on our plan to get Queensland back on track,” she said.

    The Queensland Government continues to make significant progress in restoring our State’s finances, growing a four pillar economy, revitalising frontline services and funding infrastructure projects to create jobs.

    “More than 60,000 jobs were created in Queensland last year but we must reduce debt to sustain that growth so we can keep building on our Strong Plan for a Brighter Future,” she said.

    Health funding is up six per cent with more than $1 billion for the Gold Coast Health and Hospital Service to deliver public health care services.

    Education funding is up seven per cent with nearly $800,000 invested in Broadwater’s schools. There is also funding to continue the transition of Year 7 to high school and investment in our schools for the future.

    “Education is an investment in our future and the Government’s Great Results Guarantee will improve student performance,” Miss Barton said.

    Further investment in community services, the establishment of the Gold Coast Police Hub, continued investment in the Police helicopter and the investment in the Safe Night Out Strategy honour our pledge to make Queensland the safest place to live and raise a family.

    The Government is committed to retaining its support for Queenslanders who need it most with a 9.9 per cent increase in funding for State-funded concessions.

    The Government is also investing nearly $8 million in Gold Coast waterways.

    “The Broadwater, the jewel in our crown, is one of the most utilised and popular waterways in Queensland and I welcome $4.3 million to help achieve improved access and safety.” Miss Barton said.

    “As a result of this Government’s disciplined decision-making, we are on track to deliver a Budget surplus in 2015-16 for the first time in a decade but more needs to be done. Population growth and ageing will see projected growth in expenses in areas like health and education and unless strong action is taken the Budget will slip back into deficit.

    “We must reduce debt to sustain growth so we can keep building on our Strong Plan for a Brighter Future. We need to reduce the State’s $80 billion debt and the annual $4 billion interest bill and this Budget outlines our plan to secure our finances by making the strongest and smartest choice to reduce debt,” Miss Barton said.

    Not everyone will agree with every part of our plan but Queenslanders will now have funding certainty for schools, hospitals and the infrastructure we need to secure Queensland’s future growth.


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