• Biggera Waters State School Student Leaders

    This morning I had the pleasure of presenting badges to Biggera Waters State School’s 2017 Student Leaders. I’m sure those elected will be a positive influence on their school and peers, and deliver great things for Biggera Waters in 2017!

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    Flashing school zone lights to be switched on

    New flashing school zone lights will soon be installed on Coombabah Road at Biggera Waters State School as a result of a local petition and forms part of the Newman Government’s ongoing commitment to improving road safety.

    Hundreds of locals rallied behind the cause to have the flashing lights installed at the main entrance to Biggera Waters State School.

    State Member for Broadwater Verity Barton said the flashing lights will help remind motorists they have an obligation to slow down when driving through school zones.

    “Young children can be unpredictable by nature, and speeding through school zones greatly increases the risk, especially to young children, and the installation of flashing school zone lights will go a long way to reminding drivers they’re approaching a school and need to slow down.” Ms Barton said.

    The flashing lights which will be installed on Coombabah Road will complement those that the Government has already installed on Hollywell Road.

    “Most parents and children use Coombabah Road as the main entrance to the school, so it makes sense to remind motorists of their obligations to slow down when they get to Coombabah Road.

    “It was heartening to see hundreds of locals, especially families at the school, support my petition calling for these lights to be installed to help make Biggera Waters State School safer for our children.

    “Road safety is the responsibility of everyone and a top priority for this Government, especially around schools and today’s announcement reinforces our commitment to make Queensland the safest place to live, work and raise a family.

    Since 2012, the Newman Government has committed $10 million over four years to install flashing light signs at over 300 school zones across Queensland.



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    Sign the Petition: Flashing Speed Zone Lights at Biggera Waters State School

    I’m petitioning to have flashing school zone speed limit signs installed at Biggera Waters State School on Coombabah Road. Fill in the form below to sign the petition and add your support to improving safety for children at Biggera Waters State School!

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